Pacbrake's PRXB exhaust brake is the only exhaust brake that performs at low speeds and Low RPMs.

BUT DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. Brett Wolfe, one of many PRXB owners,says, “It [the PRXB] feels more like a compression brake, in that you don’t need to run the engine RPMs at, or near, redline to achieve adequate braking force. It made the most material difference on moderate grades,where adequate braking force was achieved below 2,000 RPMs.” And when it comes to low speeds he says, “We were in freeway traffic down to 5 MPH and back up to freeway speed... repeat 25 times... for about 40 miles. I only had to use the service brakes twice. The new PRXB was strong enough to slow us the rest of the time.”

With over a quarter million exhaust brakes manufactured and sold, Pacbrake has mastered quality product development. Being home to the only exhaust brake on the market with a true variable orifice, Pacbrake has revolutionized modern day exhaust braking with its patented design of the PRXB.

In order to have consistent and effective braking over the entire RPM range, it is important (and necessary) to maintain constant back pressure. To achieve this, Pacbrake’s patented design has incorporated an additional waste gate on the butterfly valve to regulate the amount of exhaust flow that is being passed through. A spring-loaded arm, whose pressure rating and location are key factors in the functionality of the PRXB, controls the flow. It’s the only brake of its kind.

Don’t fall victim to false claims…All properly engineered exhaust brakes produce the same power when run at the same RPM and back pressure. Only the PRXB maintains that pressure in the full RPM range. Find out more about why Pacbrake’s PRXB exhaust brake outperforms the competition and see what other PRXB owners have to say at

The PRXB exhaust brake is available through Pacbrake’s network of dealers in the U.S. and Canada, starting at $1250.

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