How do I know if my valve is closed?

All of the manual reset PowerHalt Air Shut-Off Valves (PH1, PH2, PH5) have a large red reset knob which indicates the position of the flap within the valve. The PH2 and PH5 shut-off valves also have an option to include a microswitch as an electronic indicator of valve position.

The switch is available in Normally Open and Normally Closed configurations. The wiring from the switch can be led to a panel light or fed directly into your equipment systems.

Can I use my PH1 PowerHalt system to protect my auxiliary PTO/work-mode equipment?

No, you can't.

Can manual reset be achieved easily and without placing workers at risk?

Frequent security checks may prove cumbersome when manually resetting a valve if it is difficult to access. Automatic reset are better suited for these applications. Routing of the switch or pill cable is an important consideration to make. Pull cable are a great low cost option if your application and regulations allow.

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