AMP Wirlesss Controls Kit Overview

Learn about all the features of the AMP Wireless Air Spring Controls Kit.

What is the difference between "paired" and "connected" for the AMP Wireless Controls phone application?

"Paired" means the Pacbrake Wireless System and mobile device have detected each other, where "connected" means the Pacbrake Wireless System and the mobile device and synchronized, ready to communicate.

What is the effective range of the AMP Wireless Air Spring Control system?

Approximately 10 meters (30 feet), unobstructed direct line-of-sight.

Why can't I pair/connect my phone with the AMP Wireless Air system?

Your phone's Bluetooth must be turned "on", Wireless Controls need to be powered (vehicle ignition power "on"), and both devices need a reasonably unobstructed path in order to pair/connect.
If issues are experienced consult your phone's manual to ensure Bluetooth is enabled, check that the Wireless Controls ground and power connections are secure and that the Wireless Controller has some clearance between its surroundings. (Metal objects fully shrouding the Wireless Controls plastic enclosure can interfere with communication).

Why is my pressure not reading 0 psi when my air springs are completely drained?

Due to changes in air temperature and atmospheric pressure, gauge pressure readings will vary. In cases of large variation, the system can be recalibrated by continuously holding drain button for 60 seconds.

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