If I have uneven weight distribution, is it easy to customize the amount of air in each spring?

Yes. Whether you have manual fill valves or in-cab controls with onboard air, you can easily adjust each air spring’s pressure to level out your vehicle. The manual fill valves are installed so that the fill valves are easily accessible, usually positioned out of the license plate at the rear of the vehicle. In-cab controls (with onboard air) allow you to adjust each air spring’s pressure from the comfort of your driver’s seat.

Do air springs replace my existing suspension?

No, the air springs are an addition to your existing suspension, not a substitution. kits are easily installed and do not affect your vehicle’s factory suspension.

If I choose to install the amp air spring kit, can I increase my maximum load capacity?

No. You must never exceed your gvwr (gross vehicle weight rating). The air springs simply provide you with added support and therefore better control for an overall smoother, safer ride.

Will the installation take a long time to complete?

No. The installation is fairly simple and can usually be completed within 2-3 hours. If installing the kit with an onboard air system, the installation procedure is a little different and may vary depending on the vehicle application

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