There are pickup trucks — and then there are RAM pickup trucks. The division of the automaker now known as Stellantis has long set the standard for light to heavy-duty pickup trucks, as RAMS are well known for their towing and payload, style, industry-leading performance and more. You likely chose a RAM truck because you wanted the absolute best when it comes to pickup truck performance. And noting this, it also makes sense to want the very best from any aftermarket spring suspension kit that you install on your vehicle.

This brings us to Pacbrake's HP10368 air spring kit, which is purpose-designed and built for the RAM 3500 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive trim models from the 2014 to the 2021 model year. The HP10368 does what any quality air spring should do, such as reduce sway, prevent bottoming out and reduce the overall strain on the vehicle, but what separates Pacbrake's kit is all the value-added benefits that RAM drivers can also realize from administering this product. It's these value-added benefits that help the HP10368 truly outshine its competition in the segment, specifically the Firestone 2615 and 2616 and the Airlift 57231 and 57595. Read on to learn more about the Pacbrake difference and view the chart below for a snapshot of the advantages the HP10368 holds over its competition:

Pacbrake: The Only Choice for Your RAM Truck

Aside from the basics, here's a look at some of the key features that help separate Pacbrake products from the competition:

Pacbrake HP10368

AirLift LoadLifter 57231

Firestone Ride-Rite 2615

Inch-thick Anodized Aluminum End Caps

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20 Support Wires to prevent bag blowout

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Powder Coated Steel Brackets

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No Drill Install

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Lifetime Warranty

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Expert Engineering

One-piece aluminum end caps.

If you don't understand how important this feature is to an air spring kit, then let us tell you. You likely know how lightweight and strong aluminum is as a material, and when you combine this material with the one-piece makeup of the end caps in Pacbrake's air suspension kits, you get a part that is incredibly durable and greatly reduces the risk of breakage — especially at the seams and bolt attachment points. Pacbrake's air spring suspension kits, including the HP10368, are the only such products on the market with one-piece aluminum end caps.

Ease of Installation

One of the other nice features about all Pacbrake products is that they're simple to install. In fact, you won't need to acquire any special tools to install it yourself, which makes such products all the more convenient and can also help RAM drivers save on labor costs by not having the system installed by a mechanic.


Pacbrake products offer durability like no other air spring kit on the market. They consist of 20 support wires, which help enhance durability and prevent blowouts. Corrosion-resistant plates, steel brackets and Grade 5 hardware are also standard features.

Don't Just Take it From Us...

...take it from all the RAM truck drivers that have installed Pacbrake air suspension kits on their vehicle already. There's no better marketing than great word of mouth from existing RAM drivers that are using our products — and a quick search on will yield a lot of five-star reviews. We encourage you to search our product and see for yourself what everyone is saying about it.

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For more information on the Pacbrake HP10368 and how this air spring kit takes performance and reliability to a whole new level with your RAM truck, contact Pacbrake today. You likely chose a RAM truck because you wanted the very best. Why not follow a similar mindset when it comes to any aftermarket products, notably the air spring suspension kit? Contact Pacbrake today to learn more.

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