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Perfect for a multitude of air applications: air suspension, air horns, inflatables, flat tires & small air tools. Pacbrake onboard air systems are all 33% duty cycle (20 minutes @ 100 psi) and increase air volume depending on the tank size (for compressed air storage). Each onboard air system comes complete with compressor(s), air tank, fittings, pressure switch, relay(s), electrical connectors and all applicable accessories.

Pacbrake can help you make a custom onboard air kit for your specific vehicle / applications. Contact us at: 800.663.0096

Onboard Air Highlights

  • Universal Applications
  • Quick and effortless inflation power
  • HP325 SERIES - Our 1/4 HP Pacbrake air compressors have a 33% duty cycle (20 minutes @ 100 psi) and are offered in 12 VDC
  • All Pacbrake compressors have a max working pressure of 150 psi and are an oil-less design
  • They contain sealed bearings, a PTFE piston ring & a copper wire wound permanent magnet motor

HP325 Series Features & Benefits

  • 12 VDC (Volts of Direct Current) air compressors are intended for filling air tanks for both the on and off-road markets
  • These 1/4 horsepower compressors have an oil-less design, sealed bearings, PTFE piston ring, copper wire wound permanent magnet motor, a hard anodized aluminum cylinder sleeve and are equipped with a check valve to prevent possible motor damage
  • Mountable in any orientation.
  • 33% Duty Cycle (20 minutes @ 100 PSI)
  • 150 PSI Max Working Pressure
  • 1.2 SCFM
  • 8.7″ x 4″ x 6.2″ (LxWxH), 5.5 lbs
  • 158°F Max /-40°F Ambient Temperature Range

Steel Air Tanks

Working in conjunction with air compressors, air tanks store the compressed air and hold it until it is required. Storing compressed air allows for quicker product activation, especially when operating more than one product simultaneously. Pacbrake offers three air tank sizes to meet everyone’s needs: a ½ gallon tank, a 2 ½ gallon tank and a 5 gallon tank. Each premium air tank kit comes complete with an air tank, mounting fasteners, airline, fittings, air accessories, an air nozzle and more.

Onboard Air Kits Include:

  • Compressor Model: HP10143 (12 VDC)
  • Choose from ½ Gallon Air Tank (C11940) or 2½ Gallon Air Tank (HP10013)
  • Curly Hose Air Accessory Kit (C11657)
  • All necessary wiring, harnesses, fittings and fasteners

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