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An extensively tested, inexpensive and easy to operate valve.

Pacbrake’s PH1 PowerHalt air intake emergency shut-off valve provide a reliable and safe method of shutting down the engine.

PH1 is an inexpensive solution for your safety needs. This option is recommended when the operator works in close proximity to the equipment.


PH1 Highlights

  • Universal applications
  • 1.75" to 2.5" sizes available
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Low maintenance, pull cable valve
  • Rigorous vibration, corrosion & endurance testing
  • Designed to withstand large temperature ranges
  • A complete installation all in one box
  • 2 Hour installation times & low part count

PH1 Specifics

  1. Manual reset knob
  2. Pull cable activation
  3. Corrosion resistant materials
  4. Innovative sealing systems
  5. Maintenance free butterfly design
  6. 1.75"-2.5" valve sizes available

PH1 Pull Cable Option

  • Stainless steel high quality pull cables are pre-assembled for easy installation and safety
  • Braided lines capable of a tight radius
  • Red T-handle with large nameplate for easy location
  • Pull cable sizes: 2', 4', 6', 8' & 10'

PH1 Kits:

  • Choose your PH1 Valve then select the appropriate mounting group and pull cable (2', 4', 6', 8' & 10') for your application.
  • 2 hour installation times.


Is this application operated offshore or on ground?

Offshore applications may have specific regulations for your equipment. Corrosion is a concern for offshore applications so PowerHalt valves are all corrosion tested to ASTM B117 96Hrs Salt-Fog to ensure product longevity.

Can manual reset be achieved easily and without placing workers at risk?

Frequent safety checks may prove cumbersome when manually resetting the valve if it is difficult to access. Our automatic reset option is best suited to these applications. Routing of the switch or pull cable is an important consideration to make. Pull cables are a great low cost option if your application and regulations allow.

Does your system have a compressed air source?

Pneumatically actuated valves require an air source of 60 psig (minimum) to 145 psig (maximum).

Does your engine require dual shut-off valves? (This changes the specification for control)

Large V-engines may require two or more shut-off valves. The automatic reset option is recommended to prevent incidents where only one valve is reopened after a shutdown, preventing engine damage.

Does your application require auxiliary/multiple sources for activation in case of emergency?

The PowerHalt PH3 series can incorporate multiple auxiliary inputs from external sources for activation of the shut off valve in the event of an emergency. Ideal for secondary emergency monitoring systems as well as multiple locations for manual override input

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