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Exhaust Brake Pressure Tester

Exhaust Brake Pressure Tester

The C10600 Exhaust brake backpressure test kit allows for quick and easy diagnoses of exhaust brake performance issues. An exhaust brake can be compromised by a cracked manifold, exhaust leaks or an inoperative air systems.

Prepare for road test check or set exhaust brake back pressure. Pacbrake test gauge kit # C10600, contains all the necessary parts to perform back pressure testing. The gauge is a dampened (liquid filled) to accurately read backpressure.

  1. Remove the 1/8" NPT plug located in the exhaust brake body and install fitting. Install the steel tube into the fitting installed in the exhaust brake. Insert fittings into the neoprene hose, moistening the fittings and firmly pushing the hose onto the barbed end. Install one end of the hose to the steel tube and the other to the gauge. Tighten all fittings securely. Route neoprene hose into cab.
  2. Warm the engine to normal operating temperature.
  3. Road test the vehicle by providing long durations of maximum RPM with the exhaust brake applied. This is best achieved with weight in the vehicle and a downhill grade.
  4. Read and record the pressure achieved on the gauge at the governed engine speed. Consult the engine manufacture or Pacbrake technical support for specified back pressure.


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