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Control Options - PH3 Shut-Off Valve Custom Kits

Application: PH3 Custom Valve System - Universal

Notes: Custom kits must be order in conjunction with: Valve + Control Option + Mounting Group

Pacbrake’s PH3 PowerHalt air intake emergency shut-off valves provide a reliable and safe method of shutting down the engine during a diesel engine runaway.

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Control Options - PH3 Shut-Off Valve Custom Kits

Custom kits must be ordered in conjunction with: Valve + Control Option + Mounting Group

Learn more, view the PH3 Custom Order Guide.

PH3 Control Options
AutomaticC50094Automatic Controller
Membrane Switch
5' long Harness
C50093Automatic Controller
Membrane Switch
10' long Harness
C50272Manual Controller
Toggle Switch
5' Harness
C50273Manual Controller
Toggle Switch
10' Harness
Toggle Switch FEATURES - Manual
  • Military style toggle switch with safety guard to prevent false trip hazards
  • Provides means to shut-off the engine or to test the valve
  • Pull / Push button options available
  • For manual and automatic activation
Membrane SWITCH FEATURES - Manual / Automatic
  • RESET Used during the setup procedure(Has a red LED indicator above the button)
  • TRIP Used for manual activation (override)
  • TEST Used to test the automatic function and during the setup procedures (Has a green LED indicator above the button)
PH3 PowerGuard Automatic Controller FEATURES

PowerGuard Automatic Control monitors engine speed through a gear tooth sensor mounted to the transmission bell housing using an existing auxiliary port or by the drilling and tapping of a new port. The controller has a programmable trip point – when the programmed pre-set speed is exceeded, emergency engine shutdown will occur automatically.

Emergency shutdown can be activated at any time through a manual override button. All control and programming is completed using a membrane switch mounted in a vehicle’s cab or on a control panel. An auxiliary input harness is available to expand systems to utilize external trip input signals or switches.

  • Automatically activates and resets after programmable engine speed trip point is exceeded
  • Manual override, programming and valve position feedback from cab / panel mounted membrane switch
PH3 PowerGuard Manual Controller FEATURES

PowerGuard Manual Control will force emergency shutdown when an operator or external device activates an emergency trip switch. By default, the time that system will remain activated after the trip is 30 seconds. A supplied light will illuminate when the valve is held closed to provide feedback to an operator that an engine may not yet be started.

  • Compact controller size ideal for tight overall integration and packaging
  • Indicator light to display valve status

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