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Control Options - PH5 Shut-Off Valve Custom Kits

Application: PH5 Custom Valve System - Universal

Pacbrake’s PH5 PowerHalt air intake emergency shut-off valves provide a reliable and safe method of shutting down the engine during a diesel engine runaway.

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Control Options - PH5 Shut-Off Valve Custom Kits

Custom kits must be order in conjunction with: Valve + Control Option + Mounting Group

Learn more, view the PH5 Custom Order Guide.

PH5 Control Options

*Must also add a MAGNETIC PICK-UP
C50304A-12Automatic Controller
Toggle Switch
12 VDC Harnesses
C50304A-24Automatic Controller
Toggle Switch
24 VDC Harnesses
ManualC50304-12Toggle Switch
12 VDC Harnesses
C50304-24Toggle Switch
24 VDC Harnesses
Toggle Switch FEATURES - Manual
  • Military style toggle switch with safety guard to prevent false trip hazards
  • Provides means to shut-off the engine or to test the valve
  • Pull / Push button options available
  • For manual and automatic activation
PowerGuard Automatic Controller

PowerGuard Automatic Control monitors engine speed through a gear tooth sensor mounted to the bell housing using an existing auxiliary port or by the drilling and tapping of a new port. The controller has a programmable trip point – when the programmed pre-set speed is exceeded, emergency engine shutdown will occur automatically. Emergency shutdown can be activated at any time through a
manual override switch.

  • Automatically activates after programmable engine speed trip point is exceeded.

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Control Options

C50304A-12 – Automatic Controls 12 VDC, C50304A-24 – Automatic Controls 24 VDC, C50304-12 – Manual Controls 12 VDC, C50304-24 – Manual Controls 24 VDC

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