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ECM By-Pass System

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If your engine’s electronic control module (ECM) has a delay activating your Pacbrake exhaust brake this kit may be the answer. Pacbrake offers an ECM Bypass System which will reduce the delay in activating the exhaust brake by more than 50%. This kit contains an accelerator pedal mounted micro switch which comes with all the components for a complete installation.

Keep in mind that when bypassing the engines ECM you can loose some features designed into the ECM by the factory.

2003 and 2007 Dodge Rams have a warm-up feature programmed into the ECM which activates the exhaust brake at idle when the temperature is below 175°F. This feature will be lost and is generally not a concern for vehicles in warmer climates. Another feature that will be affected on manual transmission vehicles is the progressive braking feature. When you overshoot your cruise control set speed, the Pacbrake exhaust brake automatically activates and slows the vehicle to your preset cruise set speed.

Check out the PRXB Application Guide to know if ECM By-Pass System is needed with your PRXB Kit.


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