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Pacbrake Basic Triple Train Horn Kit

kit#: HP10254

Application: Universal (with OBA system)

Notes: The Basic Air Horn Kit is for those with existing Onboard Air

Let’em know you’re there with Pacbrake Air Horns.

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Pacbrake Basic Triple Train Horn Kit

Let’em know you’re there with Pacbrake air horns. For those with an onboard air system Pacbrake also offers basic kits.

Pacbrake air operated air horn is made of cast zinc alloy and stainless steel and comes with a chrome finish.

Air Horn Specifics:
  • Decibel Rating at 6 m [20 ft] 110 db @ 100 psi (gauge) [6.89 bar]
  • Fundamental Frequency 300 to 550 Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°F to 248°F [-40°C to 120°C]
  • Operating Air pressure 85 to 150 psi (gauge) [3.45-10.34 bar]
  • Actuation Type Manual or solenoid
  • Air Inlet Port 1/4" (-4) NPT


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