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Pacbrake Premium Triple Train Horn Kit

kit#: HP10314

Application: Universal

Notes: The Premium Air Horn Kit comes with a horn and an Onboard air kit.

  • 12 Volts Direct Current
  • Limited Warranty

Let’em know you’re there with Pacbrake’s air horns.

Pacbrake Premium Triple Train Horn Kit

Let’em know you’re there with Pacbrake air horns. Premium kits come with a horn and an onboard air kit.

Pacbrake air operated air horn is made of cast zinc alloy and stainless steel and comes with a chrome finish.

  • All components from the basic kit
  • HP325 12VDC compressor (HP10143)
  • Half gallon air tank (C11940)
  • Curly hose air accessory kit (C11657)
  • All necessary wiring, harnesses, fittings &Pacbrake; fasteners
  • Decibel Rating at 6 m [20 ft] 110 db @ 100 psig [6.89 bar] (gauge)
  • Fundamental Frequency 300 to 550 Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°F to 248°F [-40°C to 120°C]
  • Operating Air pressure 85 to 150 psi (gauge) [3.45-10.34 bar]
  • Actuation Type Manual or solenoid
  • Air Inlet Port 1/4" (-4) NPT


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