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2005-19 Tacoma (4WD) / PreRunner (2WD) Air Suspension Kit

kit#: HP10328

Application: 2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma (4WD) / Toyota Tacoma PreRunner (2WD)

Notes: This kit may require the use of additional spacers. Please reference the diagram below and select the appropriate spacer kit per the measurements.

  • 2 Wheel Drive
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • No Vehicle Modification Required
  • Sleeve Style Air Spring
  • 2½ Hour Install
  • Lifetime Warranty

Limited suspension travel? Poor ride quality due to stiffness? Compromised comfort level?

Pacbrake has specially designed this air spring kit to solve these issues for a Toyota Tacoma user.

Use Pacbrake’s heavy duty air springs to eliminate your vehicle’s sag, sway and bottoming out.

Distribute weight evenly to your tires, supporting any load without overtaxing your suspension.

Pacbrake air springs level your truck’s stance while providing added support for an overall smooth and safe ride.

Alpha™ HD Air Spring Suspension Kit for Toyota Tacoma / Tacoma PreRunner

Have you ever noticed a difference in ride control when driving empty vs. driving fully loaded? Your truck's factory suspension was designed as a compromise between capability and comfort. When hauling heavy loads, the rear springs can be pushed to the limit. This may result in excessive bounce, sagging ride height, and an overall feeling of instability. With the simple addition of an Alpha™ HD Air Spring / Air Suspension Kit by Pacbrake, you can distribute weight evenly to your tires. Support any load without overtaxing your existing system.

This kit is specially redesigned for a Toyota Tacoma user who uses the truck for outdoor activity as well as for towing / hauling with the sole purpose of maintaining the factory ride quality and comfort. This kit allows for full suspension travel and does not restrict extension or compression as other kits on the market. We know how important that can be for all your outdoor adventures. The best part is that this kit is compatible with most types of lift kits on the market such as blocks, new leaf springs and longer shocks, up to a 3” lift over stock.  Check out the video for more details

Pacbrake Sleeve Style Alpha™ HD Air Spring / Air Suspension Kits are made with black anodized aluminum end caps and nylon reinforced rubber giving you maximum strength and durability!

Each Alpha™ HD Sleeve Style Air Spring / Air Suspension Kit is equipped with precision laser cut powder coated steel brackets, grade 5 plated hardware, airline and all accessories required for the perfect bolt on install.

Pacbrake Alpha™ HD Air Springs come with a Lifetime Warranty. Please refer to the warranty document for more details.

With Pacbrake you can level your truck's stance and eliminate your vehicle's sag, sway and bottoming out while providing that added support for an overall smooth and safe ride.

important Note - This KIT may REQUIRE THE USE OF ADDITIONAL SPACERS. PLEASE reference the diagram below and select the appropriate sPACER KIT PER The measurements.

&nbspCALIFORNIA P65 WARNING: Cancer &Pacbrake; Reproductive

1 review for 2005-19 Tacoma (4WD) / PreRunner (2WD) Air Suspension Kit

  1. Rated 4 out of 5 by Shawn

    Installed on 2015 TRD Sport with OME Dakar (med) Leaf Spring pack. Full Off Road armour and Winch. Tow Utility like trailer with roof top tent mounted to its roof. Plus all of the over packing that a family of 4 takes for a week or two.
    Install was easy enough. Instructions tells us to add a spacer to a brake line mount. Down side brake the mount is in the way of the airbag mount. I removed the mount and tied it to the Airbag mount. Likely due to OME ubolt size.
    The truck and trailer are level with 35- 40 psi. Ride is much better loaded and unloaded. Works well off road. Even under full articulation.
    Worth the purchase.

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Adrien will guide you through the installation of AMP Adjustable Air Springs. The simple addition of an AMP air spring kit can eliminate overtaxing your suspension by providing the extra support of an inflated air spring, resulting in a level stance, comfortable ride and stable handling.