Truck Towing Trailer Winter

With the weather getting colder and the roads becoming more treacherous, it’s more important than ever to keep you, your ride, and everyone else on the road, safe this winter.

Staying safe while towing and hauling during the winter months takes a little extra planning, preparation, and most importantly a little extra patience.

No matter what you’re towing, these steps will help ensure you arrive at your desired location safe & sound.

Got the Power?

Cold temperatures are hard on older batteries, and if it’s been a few years since you bought yours, you may want to consider an upgrade before leaving on an extended trip. There’s nothing worse than the dreaded dead battery click.

Gain Traction

Before hooking up your tow, make sure both your vehicle and whatever you’re towing is ready for the winter roads, starting with your tires. Depending on how much & how often you plan on driving through the snow & ice, we suggest swapping our your all season tires for a set of dedicated snow tires that will provide you with the added traction you’ll need.

Load It Up

Balance is important even when towing in the best conditions. The better you can distribute the weight properly, the better you can drive. More weight distribution in the front is good for balancing your load and keeping the most control over your tow. Ideally, you want around 60% of your weight distributed towards the front of your trailer axle and 40% in the rear half (unless otherwise mentioned by your trailer manufacturer). This will help prevent the trailer from unnecessary sway.

Adding an air suspension to your vehicle will also help carry this additional load. It will level out the strain on your rear suspension and raise it to avoid any unnecessary sag of the vehicle.

Slow It Down

Driving in the snow isn’t fun for anyone, and as careful as you are you still need to be aware of those around you. Everyone else out there that may not be paying as much attention as you are. Make sure to keep plenty of room between you and the other vehicles on the road – allowing for plenty of extra room and time if you need to brake suddenly.

Make the Right Call

Yes, you’ve been planning this trip for a long time, but sometimes Mother Nature steps in and ruins those plans. Use your best judgment when determining if it’s even feasible to tow your trailer. If the roads are too hazardous to drive on, maybe wait until conditions improve or the roads have been cleared. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

With that said, always pack an emergency supplies pack with you in case conditions worsen during your trip and you get stuck for an extended period of time. It’s always better to pull over and wait it out than continue on a path you don’t feel comfortable with.

Stay safe and tow with confidence!