The Regulation

As per Transport Canada's CSA regulation B621-14, clause 7.1(j) as well as B622-14 clause 5.1(i) diesel engines on highway tanks and portable tanks containing dangerous goods of class 2.1, primary class 3, or subsidiary class 3, being used during loading or off-loading shall be equipped with an automatic engine air intake shut off device that will prevent engine runaway in case of exposure to flammable vapors. It further indicates that the device shall activate automatically if engine runaway is detected and remain activated until manually reset.

This requirement is to be met by January 12, 2018, when CSA B622-14 comes into force.

Fleet owners and operators are required to ensure that all trucks in their fleets are equipped with an emergency safety device also called as an Air Intake Emergency Shut-Off Valve, Positive Air Shut-Off Valve or Engine Air Intake Shut-Off device.

Engine Air Intake Shut-Off Device - The what, why and how?

Diesel engines do not usually incorporate a throttle valve to limit air into the engine, as their speed is primarily driven by the rate of fuel flow. The risk occurs when the diesel engine is operating in an environment that contains airborne hydrocarbons or other combustibles. This can occur from any number of sources, such as gas pocket vents, fuel leaks, atomized oil spray, or even grain dust. In this state, the engine experiences uncontrolled combustion, which may lead to an overspeed condition and catastrophic engine failure or backfire.

The risk continues to rise from there, as the engine’s behavior can then translate to ignition of the local atmosphere, which has been shown to cause explosions. In addition to the potential for explosion, the equipment driven by the engine may also experience unpredictable behavior and become a risk to personnel in the vicinity. Fortunately this is entirely preventable with the addition of an Engine Air Intake Shut-Off device.

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PowerHalt Program

Leaders in valving technology, Pacbrake brings forward vast expertise to its PowerHalt Air Intake Emergency Shut-Off Valve product line from over 50 years of valving experience and millions of valves in service to-date.

PowerHalt provides a complete air intake shutdown system, to prevent catastrophic damage to equipment and personnel during a diesel engine runaway.

  • 1.75" to 5.5" sizes valve available with Automatic Control and Manual Reset features.
  • Designed for extreme environments
  • Rigorously tested
  •  Zero leakage (PowerHalt PH2)
  • Rigorous vibration, corrosion & endurance testing
  • Butterfly type valves in various design configurations
  • Simple operating procedures
  • Industry Leading 2 years Warranty