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  • With a vision to improve diesel engine technologies, and a strong ambition to innovate, Pacbrake quickly grew from a distributor to a leading manufacturer of engine and exhaust brakes

  • A keen commitment to quality and a customer-focused approach has made Pacbrake a trusted name in the Automotive industry

  • Trucks today continue to become more powerful while developing greater towing / hauling capabilities and there’s never been a more apparent need for additional safety, control & stopping power

  • Innovation has always been the heart of our business. With over 25 patents, our extensive R&D has helped us develop trendsetting safety and performance products

  • Pacbrake is no longer synonymous with only brakes as we have been successful in producing state-of-the-art air management systems & performance parts for the aftermarket crowd

  • When we say quality is important to us, we mean it. All of our products are produced at OEM grade, with ISO certified management systems to undergo rigorous testing

  • Over 50 years in business, Pacbrake proudly serves a global market through its vast distribution network of truck dealers and independent repair shops

  • At Pacbrake, we strive to make the finest products. Our passion is reflected in each product that is engineered for the best possible integration into your vehicle

  • We don’t just sell products, we provide solutions. And we stand behind them. Pacbrake – We’re in it for the long haul..

Sponsorship Opportunities

We're looking for breakthrough ideas that create new opportunities and unique ways to integrate our brand across new and existing markets. To get our attention, think outside the box.


The pioneer years; our history goes to back to 1961. That is when it all began, walk down our memory lane.

Core Markets

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation


  • Research and development is a key part of our success at Pacbrake. With multiple laboratories and testing facilities, we ensure all of our products are engineered for the best possible integration.

  • Using advanced design methodologies, modern CAD tools and high end simulation packages, Pacbrake is able to substantially reduce development and testing time. Our cell manufacturing capabilities utilize the latest practices in lean manufacturing.

  • Engineering

    • Product research and development
    • Structural analysis and simulation
    • Electronic hardware and software control design
    • Product validation and verification
    • Rapid prototyping
  • Software Design

    • Solid Modelling
    • Structural & Thermal FEA
    • Fluid Dynamics CFD
    • Cam Design
    • Kinematics & Dynamics (2D & 3D)
    • Hydraulic System Analysis
    • Engine Performance Analysis
  • Production

    • Precision CNC milling, turning, grinding, welding and painting
    • Embedded electronic controllers and wiring harnesses
  • Testing & Validation

    • Dyno Testing
    • Bench Testing – Hydraulic & Spring Cycle
    • High Temperature Testing
    • Corrosion Testing
    • Environmental Testing
    • Vibration Testing
    • Field Testing


We’re dedicated to building a team of motivated and bright people, who approach their work with innovation and passion. Explore our current opportunities to see what we have that matches your experience...

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Proudly serving the Global Market since 1961

We have been fortunate to be a validated supplier for over 20 OEMs and we are directly connected to more than 3,000 VOEM truck dealers, engine company dealers and independent repair shops that are located across the globe.