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PowerHalt Shut-off Valves by Pacbrake

Transport Canada Regulations have changed; don't be caught with heavy fines.

As per the CSA regulation B621-14, clause 7.1(j) as well as B622-14 clause 5.1(i) diesel engines on highway tanks and portable tanks containing dangerous goods of class 2.1, primary class 3, or subsidiary class 3, being used during loading or off-loading shall be equipped with an automatic engine air intake shut off device also known as a positive air shut off valve that will prevent diesel engine runaway in case of exposure to flammable vapors.

Leaders in valving technology, Pacbrake brings forward vast expertise to its PowerHalt shut-off valve product line from over 50 years of valving experience and millions of valves in service to-date.

PowerHalt provides a complete air intake shutdown system, to prevent catastrophic damage to equipment and personnel during a diesel engine runaway.

  • Direct replacement to existing product lines
  • Butterfly type valves in various design configurations
  • Simple operating procedures
  • Custom designs (customer co-development for new projects)

Click here to view our PowerHalt Selection Guide.

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PH1: A reliable and safe method of shutting down the engine

An extensively tested, cost-effective and easy to operate valve.

Pacbrake’s PH1 PowerHalt air intake emergency shut-off valve provide a reliable and safe method of shutting down the engine.

PH1 is an cost-effective solution for your safety needs. This option is recommended when the operator works in close proximity to the equipment.

>> PH1 Application Guide

PH2: Designed for extreme environments

A highly engineered valve with extensive testing and validation

An extensively tested, inexpensive and easy to operate valve. PowerHalt’s PH2 comes with various control and actuation options that cover a broad range of industry applications & requirements. Custom kits are available for most pickup truck applications.

>> PH2 Application Guide

PH3: The safest control options on the market

A smart, maintenance free system

>> PH3 Application Guide

PH5: The safest and most reliable emergency shut-off valve for diesel engines

The Newest Member of the PowerHalt Family

PowerHalt's PH5 Air Intake Emergency Shut-Off Valve is the newest member of the PowerHalt family. This newly improved valve is designed using the best aspects of PH2 and PH3 PowerHalt line of products. It is electrically activated and available in an automatic engine speed sensing model where shutdown occurs if engine speed exceeds a user-set trip speed (or by manual override). Alternatively, a manual control configuration is available where an operator or external input will activate emergency engine shut-down.

>> PH5 Application Guide

PH+: Light to Medium Duty Truck Diesel Engine Shut Off Valve Solutions

Automative Emergency Engine Shutdown

Diesel engine shut off valves for Ford, Dodge, GMC, Chevrolet, and Mercedes Sprinter Vans. When it comes to protecting your life, livelihood and your truck from diesel engine runaway, The Pac's Got Your Back.

Diesel engine runaway can happen whenever your engine sucks in flammable particles, such as gas and oil vapors in the air – or even grain dust. PH+ controls the electronic throttle body in the intake manifold found on most late model diesel engines and will close off the air supply in emergency situations. Protect your life, livelihood and your vehicle with a PH+ Electronic Emergency Engine Shutdown system.

>> PH+ Application Guide

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