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A smart, maintenance free system

PowerHalt’s PH3 offers one of the safest control options on the market – providing a hands-free operation with an automatic reset function as well as various control options. It also has a built in anti-foul cycle for automatic valve maintenance.

PH3 Highlights

  • Universal applications
  • 1.75" to 4" sizes available with multiple activation options
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Maintenance free, smart system
  • Rigorous vibration, corrosion & endurance testing
  • Designed to withstand large temperature ranges
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto-reset for in-cab control/comfort when testing shut-off valve - No more lifting the hood to manually reset
  • A complete installation all in one box

PH3 Specifics

  1. Weather Proof Connector
  2. Valve Position Feedback
  3. Anti-foul Cycle Capability
  4. Automatic or Manual Valve Reset
  5. Corrosion Resistant Materials
  6. Maintenance Free Butterfly Valve Design
  7. Innovative Sealing Systems
  8. 12 VDC or 24 VDC Systems
  9. 1.75-4” Valve Sizes Available

PH3 Control Options & Components

  1. POWERGUARD CONTROLLER (AUTOMATIC) This system provides hands-free activation of the shut-off valve. It has additional safety benefits by utilizing our PowerGuard Automatic controller and magnetic pick-up. This system includes a manual override for direct operation of the shutoff valve, which allows the operator to perform routine safety checks and tests. Built in anti-foul cycle for automatic valve maintenance
  2. OPERATOR CONTROL (MANUAL) Manually controlled shut-off valves are more economical than automatic systems. However, they should only be used when the operator works in close proximity to the engine and has a clear, safe, and accessible location for shutdown activation during an emergency
  3. MEMBRANE SWITCH Low profile membrane switch with trip, test and reset functions & LED lights.
  4. TOGGLE SWITCH Military style switch with safety cover to prevent false trip hazards. Provides a manual means to shutdown the engine or test the valve
  5. PANEL INDICATOR LIGHT Get instant notofication on the status of your PowerHalt valve with this LED panel indicator warning light for your dash
  6. MAGNETIC PICK-UP Measures flywheel RPM and sends a signal to shut down the engine when engine runaway occurs

PH3 Kits Include:

All necessary hose adapters, clamps, and hardware required for an install. Weather tight plug & play wiring harness, custom to each application. Easy to install kits for many applications. Control option available with PowerGuard automatic overspeed limiter or manual PowerGuard

Technical Support

Installation: PowerHalt PH3 Shut-Off Valve

Congratulations on the purchase of your PowerHalt PH3 Air Intake Emergency Shut-Off Valve by Pacbrake. Paul will be guiding you through the installation of your new system. From component overview to installation.

Programming & Testing Your PH3 Shut-Off Valve

Paul will walk you through programming and testing the trip speed of your PH3 PowerHalt Air Intake Emergency Shutoff Valve by Pacbrake, as well as some of the other options available to you.


Is this application operated offshore or on ground?

Offshore applications may have specific regulations for your equipment. Corrosion is a concern for offshore applications so PowerHalt valves are all corrosion tested to ASTM B117 96Hrs Salt-Fog to ensure product longevity.

Can manual reset be achieved easily and without placing workers at risk?

Frequent safety checks may prove cumbersome when manually resetting the valve if it is difficult to access. Our automatic reset option is best suited to these applications. Routing of the switch or pull cable is an important consideration to make. Pull cables are a great low cost option if your application and regulations allow.

Does your system have a compressed air source?

Pneumatically actuated valves require an air source of 60 psig (minimum) to 145 psig (maximum).

Does your engine require dual shut-off valves? (This changes the specification for control)

Large V-engines may require two or more shut-off valves. The automatic reset option is recommended to prevent incidents where only one valve is reopened after a shutdown, preventing engine damage.

Does your application require auxiliary/multiple sources for activation in case of emergency?

The PowerHalt PH3 series can incorporate multiple auxiliary inputs from external sources for activation of the shut off valve in the event of an emergency. Ideal for secondary emergency monitoring systems as well as multiple locations for manual override input

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