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Pacbrake offers a range of air management products. Our Adjustable air springs can be used to custom-level your truck’s stance, adding support from front-to-back & side-to-side. You can inflate them manually or add an air spring control kit which allows you to control your air spring with the touch of a button. If you require more air for your air springs (or other pneumatic accessories) you can add one of our onboard air kits which allows you to compress and store pressurized air wherever the road takes you.

Air Suspension

Pacbrake offers a variety of air spring solutions. With the addition of an Pacbrake air spring kit, you can inflate your air springs enough to support your vehicle’s load without overtaxing its suspension, resulting in a level stance, comfortable ride and stable handling. Check our application guide to find the best system for your vehicle.

Air Compressors

Pacbrake's heavy duty 12 VDC and 24 VDC air compressors are intended for filling air tanks for both the on and off-road use. All compressors have an oil-less design, sealed bearings, PTFE piston ring, copper wire wound permanent magnet motor, a hard anodized aluminum cylinder sleeve and compressor kits are equipped with a check valve to prevent possible motor damage.

Air Spring Controls

Operate your Pacbrake air springs (or other pneumatic accessories) anywhere with the Pacbrake wireless app or right from the driver’s seat with Pacbrake in-cab controls. Perfect for a multitude of air applications: air suspension, air horns, inflatables, flat tires & small air tools

Air Tanks

Working in conjunction with air compressors, air tanks store the compressed air and hold it until it is required. Storing compressed air allows for quicker product activation, especially when operating more than one product simultaneously.

Pacbrake offers three air tank sizes to meet everyone’s needs: a ½ gallon tank, a 2 ½ gallon tank and a 5 gallon tank. Choose from polished aluminum or steel tanks.

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