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Air Horn Highlights

  • Universal Applications
  • All necessary wiring, harnesses, fittings & fasteners
  • Large, Dual or Trio horn configurations to choose from
  • Available in Premium Kits (with Air) or Basic Kits
    (without air)
  • Cast aluminum horns with chrome or matte finish

Premium Kits

Kit comes with everything you need:

  • All components from the basic kit
  • HP325 12 VDC compressor (HP10143
  • Half gallon air tank (C11940)
  • Curly hose air accessory kit (C11657)
  • All necessary wiring, harnesses, fittings & fasteners

Basic Kits

For all vehicles with an existing onboard air system:

  • Air Horn
  • All necessary wiring, harnesses, fittings & fasteners

Choose from three different horn styles:

  1. Large cast aluminum horn with chrome finish
  2. Dual cast aluminum horns with chrome finish
  3. Horn trio made with cast aluminum and finished in black
  4. Triple train horn made with cast aluminum with chrome finish

Technical Support

Bring the Noise with PacPro Air Horns by Pacbrake

Let’em know you’re there with PacPro's air horns! Learn about the 4 styles Pacbrake has to offer.
Premium kits come with a horn and an onboard air kit. No problem for those with an onboard air system PacPro also offers basic kits.

Basic Triple Train Horn Kit install on 2006 Freightliner Columbia Toterhome

Pacbrake collaborates with Brody Goble, a professional race car driver competing in the Formula Drift Championship. Brody uses this truck and trailer to travel all across North America to carry his race cars. This Basic Triple Train Horn install is carried out on his 2006 Freightliner Columbia Toterhome.

Check out the video to see for yourself how the PacPro Air Horns compare with those from the factory.


How loud are your air horns?

They are loud, 1800 to 3550 Hz!

What air pressure do I need to operate an air horn?

Your onboard air system needs to produce 100 to 135 psig (gauge) [689 to 931 kPa].

What is the actuation type?

Manual or solenoid.

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