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With today’s trucks capable of towing / hauling up to 30,000 lbs, it has never been more apparent for the need of additional control or stopping power. Pacbrake engine and exhaust brakes are unmatched in retarding performance.

Exhaust Brakes

Being home to the only exhaust brake on the market with a true variable orifice, remarkable constant backpressure and strongest braking horsepower, Pacbrake has revolutionized modern day exhaust braking with its patented design of the PRXB. It is the best exhaust brake on the market today.

  • High Reliability
  • High temperature and new emission compliant
  • Decreased friction brake wear
  • No overpressure potential

LoadLeash Engine Brake

Working in conjunction with the factory installed VGT exhaust brake, Pacbrake’s LoadLeash provides big-rig engine braking performance and can extend service brake life by up to 5 times.

  • For Cummins ISB 5.9L Engines

Engine Brakes

Today, Pacbrake’s engine brakes are the #1 choice among consumers. Providing 3 levels of retarding power (low/med/high) for optimum braking control, the net result is less wear on your service brakes and more money in your wallet.

The Pacbrake brand of OEM and Jake® engine brake replacement parts offers a substantial cost savings, making it affordable to restore your engine brake performance. With a large line of replacement parts and tune-up kits for all major diesel truck engines, save yourself more than just money, save yourself time.

Engine Brakes

For over 20 years Pacbrake has successfully designed and manufactured premium engine brakes in-house. The...

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