Did you know that you could use your PowerHalt Air Intake Shut-Off Valves or Positive Air Shut-Off Valves as they are commonly known, as an anti-theft device? Yes, the PowerHalt not only prevents diesel engine runaway, but can also protect your vehicles against theft while on oilfield sites.

Manual Reset Valves: If you have a manual reset PowerHalt Air Intake Shut-off Valve (Models : PH1 / PH2 / PH5) installed on your vehicle, simply activate your valve and leave it in the closed position. While the shut-off valve is closed, potential thieves will not be able to start the engine.

Electronic Reset Valves: If you have an electronic reset PowerHalt Air Intake Shut-off Valve (Model : PH3)  installed on your vehicle, program the secondary set-point to a value near your idle speed and activate the secondary set-point when leaving your vehicle. Potential thieves may be able to start your vehicle but they will not be able to drive the vehicle away as any increase engine speed will shut the engine down immediately.

Refer to your PH3 PowerHalt Air Intake Shut-Off Valve Installation Manual for more details or check out the first half of the video below, to learn how to activate and program your secondary set-point.

Stay safe and protected on the job sites with the use of PowerHalt Air Intake Emergency Shut-Off Valves by Pacbrake.