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It's not off-roading or camping, it's overlanding — the practice of traveling by vehicle to a remote destination. But you can't go overlanding in just any type of vehicle with just any old supplies. You'll most likely need some sort of "rig" or truck that can handle any type of rough terrain to get there. And then once you do get there, you'll need the right type of overlanding equipment to set up camp over your truck bed so you can relax, stay awhile and enjoy everything that the outdoors — and your destination — has to offer.

So what do you need for a successful, yet safe, overlanding adventure? In this post, we'll take a closer look at some of the important items you'll want to bring and why an aftermarket suspension kit can also prove so worthwhile on your way, and when you get to the middle of nowhere. Here's a closer look:


Let's kick things off by talking about some of the supplies you'll want to bring with you on your adventure:

  • Camping supplies: While you can pitch a tent next to your truck, most people prefer to sleep on top of it — literally. Yes, camping equipment can be set up over your truck's bed so that you can stay elevated in your shelter. Not only does this make for a fun, unique way of rest, but it also helps keep any curious critters that may live in the area out of reach.
  • Cooking supplies: A cast iron portable grill or camp stove, roasting forks, fuel, a fire starter and plenty of water are essentials to eating and drinking while you're out.
  • A tire deflator: You'll need to deflate your tires over certain terrain or else you're sure to be destroying them. A tire deflator and air pump can help ensure your tires are at proper levels throughout your adventure.
  • Safety equipment: From navigation equipment to an emergency radio to a fire extinguisher, you shouldn't leave for an overlanding trip without thinking safety first.
  • Portable trash can: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories. A portable wastebasket can help with this.

Another important piece of equipment isn't so much for your overlanding experience, but for your truck. We'll get into more on-air spring systems and airbags in the next section.


Between rooftop tents, cooking accessories, safety equipment, and more, there's bound to be excess weight in the back of your truck as you head out to your destination, wherever it is that may be. And all of this equipment can lead to sagging or swaying issues that can be resolved well before they become a problem with the installation of air spring kits. These kits simply help improve hauling performance with your truck, and you can confidently drive over all different types of terrain with the assurance that your vehicle won't sway or sag under heavy loads. They also help maintain a level sleeping surface on your truck for when it's in the park.

When you select a Pacbrake air spring system for your truck, you'll notice a variety of value-added benefits as well. For instance, there's the ability to customize pressure at each air spring to offset the weight and maintain level operating. There are the powder-coated steel brackets that add to its durability. And there's the lifetime warranty that each kit comes with for peace of mind. While many assume that they don't need an aftermarket suspension accessory beyond what their truck came with, you don't know how valuable it can be until you have one installed. And when it comes to a more rigorous activity such as overlanding, the value of these kits is significant.


For more information on why a Pacbrake kit is so helpful when overlanding and to learn more about the value proposition of having one installed on your truck, contact us today.

You can call us directly at 1-800-663-0096 or search for a dealer near you on our Find a Dealer page to find an air suspension kit that works for your application.

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