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Pacbrake vs AirLift vs Firestone:
Comparing HP10340 to the Competition



Chances are you bought your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup truck or your GMC Sierra 1500 for its rugged durability, reliability and because you know you're getting a well-made product. Wouldn't you want the same thing from any aftermarket air spring suspension kit that you install?

That durability and reliability - not to mention overall ease of installation - is also here in the Pacbrake HP10340 air spring kit, making it the perfect complement to your heavy-duty Sierra or Silverado pickup truck.

Like all air spring kits, Pacbrake's product is able to accomplish its main goals of reducing sway, sag and prevent bottoming out while reducing overall strain on the vehicle suspension, especially the rear part of the suspension. A good kit will also help ensure a smooth, steady ride. But where the Pacbrake 10340 really outshines the competition - which includes the Firestone Ride-Rite 2609 and AirLift LoadLifter 57288 - is in all of the value-added benefits that come with it. In this post, we'll cover some of the key differences that help set the Pacbrake HP10340 from the rest of the competition. Read on for more:

Pacbrake: Value-Added Benefits

Like we said in the opening, all Pacbrake air spring kits - including the HP10340 for Silverado (model years 2019-21) and Sierra (both two-wheel and all-wheel drive models) - are purpose built to perform well and last for long periods of time. In fact, that's one of the key value-added benefits to all Pacbrake air spring kits: They all come with a lifetime warranty, which helps provide confidence during the purchasing process and peace of mind after you get the product installed and working on your truck. A lifetime warranty is hardly the only benefit, however - here's a look at several more value-added advantages to help the Pacbrake HP10340 shine above its competition:

  • One of the biggest value-added benefits of Pacbrake parts is in its engineering. For example, Pacbrake is the only brand of air suspension kits on the market with one-piece aluminum end caps. While this may not seem like a big deal, consider this: Aluminum is a lightweight, durable material, and the one-piece makeup of such end caps helps to eliminate a major point of pain with these parts, including cracking or breakage at the seams and bolt attachment points.
  • Put the drill away and don't worry about acquiring any specialty tools - Pacbrake kits are easy to install and don't require any advanced tools to do it.
  • Like we said in the opening, you bought your Silverado or your Sierra for its brute strength - and the Pacbrake HP10340 is the air suspension kit that acts as a perfect complement to it. Twenty support wires help enhance durability and reduce the risk of a blowout, and corrosion-resistant plates, steel brackets and Grade 5 hardware make Pacbrake air spring kits the toughest you can buy.
  • It includes 20 support wires, which make the bag tough and resistant to blowouts.

Where to Buy Pacbrake HP10340

You can call to order from Pacbrake directly at 1-800-663-0096 or search for a dealer near you on our Find a Dealer page.

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