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Pacbrake vs AirLift vs Firestone:
Comparing HP10358 to the Competition


APPLICATION: 2015-2021 Ford F-150 (4WD)

As you know, the true value of investing in air springs or an air suspension kit is to reduce sag, sway and bottoming out.

Simply put, air helper springs work to efficiently and effectively distribute weight evenly to a vehicle's tires, easing any strain that is placed on the suspension. Air springs are especially critical when it comes to heavy-duty trucks that often tow large loads or cargo in the flat bed. Generally speaking, the heavier the load, the greater the strain on the rear suspension.

Pacbrake has developed an ideal solution in its HP10358 air suspension kit, which is designed for model year 2015-2021 F150 Ford vehicles. For a heavy-duty truck, a reliable solution is essential.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at why the Pacbrake HP10358 air suspension kit is the ideal solution to equip your F150 with, and the advantages it is able to offer versus comparable models, such as the AirLift LoadLifter 57385 and Firestone Ride-Rite 2582. Here's a closer look:

Pacbrake HP10358: Support and Stability Meet Smooth Operation

When you compare the HP10358 kits to the competition, it's easy to see why Pacbrake has become synonymous with quality, long-lasting solutions. And it's only natural to want to outfit your Ford F150 with the very best aftermarket products. Read on for a closer look at the Pacbrake advantage compared to other air suspension kits offered for this vehicle class:

  • One of the most unique features of the HP10358 - and all Pacbrake products for that matter - is that it's the only heavy-duty air spring or air spring suspension kit offered today that features one-piece aluminum end caps. These inch-thick caps are lightweight and very strong, offering the durability you're looking for to successfully help ensure a smooth ride, while eliminating sway or bottoming out when your F150 is at work. What's more is the end caps are built out of aluminum metal, which helps add to their durability and reduce any cracking or breakage that could occur at any of the attachment areas.
  • Ease of installation is another key benefit behind Pacbrake products. Don't worry about scrounging for your drill or having to purchase any specialty tools, the HP10358 installs easily without any unique tools or other equipment.
  • Twenty - count em', 20 - support wires are included in the product, adding to its durability and significantly reducing the likelihood of a blowout.
  • Just because it's worth mentioning again, Pacbrake products are incredibly durable, making them the perfect complement to the heavy-duty vehicle you're installing it on. Some of the features that help enhance its durability include corrosion-resistant roll plates and steel brackets.
  • Pacbrake stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty. This helps instill confidence during purchasing and peace of mind for as long as you're driving your F-150.

Where to Buy Pacbrake HP10358

You can call to order from Pacbrake directly at 1-800-663-0096 or search for a dealer near you on our Find a Dealer page.

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